Jim Monteverde – National Financial Advisor with World Vision

Founder and CEO of the Monteverde Group, LLC, James Monteverde holds advanced financial counseling and estate planning degrees. Mr. Monteverde has attended several financial planning conferences as the keynote speaker. The holder of several professional designations, James Monteverde has published several works dealing with financial planning.

Through his charitable efforts, James Monteverde has earned several honorary citizenships, and is currently serving as a national financial advisor with World Vision. Since 1950, World Vision has been committed to helping communities around the world fight poverty. The humanitarian organization serves people in almost 100 countries and works to help communities thrive and grow. From serving earthquake survivors to helping refugees and communities affected by AIDS, World Vision helps communities that need it the most.

The organization currently has over 40,000 staff members who work directly in the countries and communities that World Vision helps. With over three million volunteers and donors, the organization is able to fund its work and support poverty and disaster stricken communities around the world. World Vision also has the support of over 500,000 child sponsors. Through sponsorships, children in other countries receive basics such as health care, food, and education. Through the careful monitoring of finances, World Vision is able to ensure that they provide communities with help that will produce the maximum benefit while using up the minimum financial resources.


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