Services of The Monteverde Group

Jim Monteverde is the founder and president of The Monteverde Group, LLC., a financial services firm that holds offices in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Florida.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, James Monteverde’s firm offers financial and advisory services to individuals and businesses while building strong client relationships based on trust and confidentiality. Services include:

1. Wealth Management: the firm uses a two-pronged approach, which includes a macro client evaluation and a micro client determination, in order to help clients build a portfolio to suit their financial needs.

2. Financial Planning: Financial advisers work closely with the clients to tailor a financial plan that suits the client’s goals and objectives.

3. Wealth Transfer Planning: Clients work with advisers on estate and legacy planning, wealth transfer strategies, survivor protection, and insurance analysis and review.

4. Corporate Benefit Strategies: Advisers will counsel corporations on their benefits packages for employees and executives.

5. Health & Welfare: Companies seeking to develop a valuable and attractive health benefit plan can work with the advisers to develop plans that include health insurance, dental, group disability products, prescription drugs, and more.